A short history of Respighi

In 1923 the Italian Government decided to establish a new type of secondary school in which scientific subjects were taught to those students who were interested in graduating in medicine and science. Our school was established one year later, in 1924.

The new school was first located on the ground floor of the building opposite the Farnese Palace where the Technical secondary school G. Romagnosi was and still is, but on March 1st 1947 it was moved to its present location in via Genova in the building which used to be the headquarters of GIL ( Gioventù Italiana Littoria), an organization established during the Fascist era for the young Italian athletes and soldiers.

This building was built in 1932 by the architect Luigi Moretti. It was shaped like an L and a parallelepiped linked by a cylinder. Over the entrance you can see an arched structure which was the only reminder of the Roman architecture which was revived in those days. In 1935 Moretti added the right wing to the original structure. In his plan the building itself was supposed to include a gym and a theatre for 500 spectators, while the area outside, under the ancient walls (where now there is a car parking), was supposed to host a swimming pool, a running track and tennis courts. Unfortunately this plan was considered too ambitious and it was never fully carried out.

After 1947 some alterations to the original structure were made to make it more suitable to the needs of the new school. For example the façade was modified (it originally had large windows) and the frescos in the entrance showing military parades were covered with white paint.

A monument was erected in front of the school on the right hand side to commemorate the sacrifice of some resistance fighters who were killed there in 1945.

At the entrance on the right a marble plaque commemorates ten students from the school who fought and died with honour in World War II.